She just purchased her first home and decided to plan a housewarming party and it was held the next weekend after she moved into her home. Friends, associates, and a few family members attended, and she was proud to show off her home.

“Everyone please make yourselves at home and I thank you all in advance for coming,” she said as she placed a catered platter of hor d’oeuvres on the nearest coffee table.

Everyone mingled and she decided to take a moment to relish in her happiness as she had finally closed on her first home. She was so happy, and her sister was doing well too so what more could she ask for? Maybe love…maybe a husband…maybe something stable with him but she decided not to give that much thought. The last thing she wanted was to ruin her moment and her happiness by thinking about “him” and all the excuses he’d give as to why they couldn’t be more than friends.

Hours passed and everyone settled into her living room to share their housewarming gifts with her and she loved every minute of it. It felt surreal that once everyone would leave that evening, she’d have the entire home to herself and yet, she felt a pang of sadness as she realized she had no one to share it with but that wouldn’t last for long, or at least she hoped so.

Her cell phone rang, and she checked the number, and it was him, Tee. She decided to answer to see what he’d have to say.

“Hey love, whatcha doing?” he asked

“Hmm…remember my housewarming party…the party you said you couldn’t attend because you’d be busy. Funny how you’re calling now so I assume you are free?” she said as she stood next to one of her friends who eyed her suspiciously.

Deep down she hated when he called her “love” because they had gone back and forth about what they were…were they a couple…monogamous…what? He wouldn’t say and she was tired of asking.
While he went on and on about his schedule and how he couldn’t stop by to help her celebrate her new accomplishment, she received another call…from Reid. Reid had been someone she began dating a few weeks ago and he was a breath of fresh air and he wasn’t afraid of her and afraid to talk, say how he felt, and she kept her fingers crossed in hopes that Reid would be “the one.”

“Hey, I have another call coming in…I’ll call ya back,” she said as she clicked over to the next line too eagerly but rightfully so

“Hey, you…I’m on my way over to your housewarming and I should be there in about 15 minutes,” he said.

Her smile was evident and her friend who eyed her suspiciously earlier began to smile as well as she knew about the new phone call. Reid was coming by and that was fine by her.

Just as she hung up from her call with Reid, Tee called again and this time she let him receive her voice mail. She was one and done.

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