“Waiting…Part 2”

It had been a week since her housewarming party at her new home, and these days she was feeling pretty good about her investment and decision to be a homeowner, except that she loathed the idea of living alone. She had been on a few dates and although Reid seemed like a promising mate, Tee continued to rummage through her thoughts. She hadn’t seen Reid since the evening of her housewarming gathering and well, Tee, well that was another story in itself as he had been MIA for quite some time. She decided it was time to experience a few other options so for the next two weeks, she had several dates with different types of guys.

Although she wasn’t looking for love nor intimacy, she craved companionship. It was the idea of sharing her thoughts with someone else and that someone else relating to her mind instead of just wanting to relate to her body.

Reid and Tee had called her several times and she ignored their phone calls as she was adamant about focusing on her options. She felt as though why should she compromise what she wanted for what could be a few hours of relief.

It was the weekend, and she had a date with Carter Jones aka CJ. She met CJ at a nearby coffee shop and he seemed nice. CJ worked downtown near the mom & pop coffee shop that she loved to frequent during her work breaks. She was glad to have bumped into him as he seemed refreshing.

CJ met her at a local Irish pub that was downtown near Chinatown. They had a few beers and chatted for a few hours and before she realized it, it was getting late. CJ seemed as though he was enjoying himself and lord knew she was definitely enjoying herself.

“So, this has been a great date. I hope I can see more of you in the coming weeks…if that’s okay with you,” CJ said as he downed the last bit of his beer.

She smiled and set her beer aside as she was tired of drinking. She didn’t want the evening to end as she was having a good time with their conversations and CJ was just so…damn…new…refreshing.

“I agree CJ and yes, I definitely hope we can link up in the coming weeks as well. Do you have a busy work schedule?” she asked.

“Actually, I travel quite a bit for work but next week should be fine as I am not due to travel again until later in the month,” CJ replied.

“Sounds good so let’s settle on next Friday. I know of a good Italian restaurant that’s near Chinatown and you’d love their food. They also have a very nice wine selection,” she said.


Friday came and went, and she hadn’t heard from CJ. She called several times and sent several text messages but no response. She figured it was no point in sending CJ an email, so she didn’t. Tee called her that evening and although she didn’t want to see him, she was feeling lonely, so she told him to come over.

When Tee arrived at her house, she regretted it immediately as she could tell he’d been drinking way too much so she knew what his intentions were, but she didn’t care as she would send him on his way home.

“Tee, you’ve been drinking way too much, and I think you should go home; call an uber…a cab or something,” she said with a slight irritation that escaped from her voice.

Tee could barely stand and then he began to laugh. His laughter was loud and obscene. She continued to stand in her doorway as Tee swayed back and forth from side to side. She shook her head vigorously and wished that it was CJ standing in Tee’s place. At least she could tolerate CJ because he was easy on the eyes as opposed to Tee but Tee…well…he was “gifted” in other areas but at the moment, she wanted no part of him or his bullshit shenanigans.

She walked back into her house, closed and locked the door. Tee was too drunk to even knock on her door let alone use the doorbell which was fine by her. She went into her kitchen and poured herself a glass of red wine and grabbed her cell phone and when she looked down, she realized she missed CJ’s phone call.

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