The Getaway

He packed his clothes for a weekend getaway as he felt the pressure from his home life, and he wanted a break.  While he packed, she asked him a thousand questions and while he folded items and placed them into his luggage, he answered her questions.  She sat on the end of their bed and watched him pack but she didn’t dare tell him what she was thinking.


The silence in the room was maddening and yet, he didn’t feel the need to explain anything further with her.  She had been acting rather “needy” all week long and at that particular moment as he packed, he had had enough.  Although he wouldn’t leave her as she would be crushed and unfortunately, he would not feel the same.


He thought about why he chose her and why he felt the way that he did.  He felt as though he couldn’t be himself and he couldn’t be free as he desired, which is why he wanted this weekend break.


He called his friend, and he was almost ready.  He headed to his car with his luggage in hand and she followed like a sad puppy dog.  He rolled his eyes and good thing she couldn’t see that reaction or else there would be another discussion, or maybe even more questions.


She stood at the door and watched him load the bag into the trunk of his car.


“So, you’re coming back Sunday, right?” she asked as she stood in the doorway with her arms folded across her chest.


He looked up from the trunk of his car and smiled at her.


“Yeah, I’ll be back Sunday.  You should try to relax while I’m gone or go to brunch with a few of your friends as you need a break,” he said as he walked towards her with open arms.


She embraced him with a tight hug and deep down she didn’t want to let go but he wanted her to let go so he could pick up his friend and hit the road.  He had major plans and they didn’t include her because again, he wanted a break.  His home life was hectic and at the rate that she and him were going, he wasn’t sure how much longer they would last as a couple.


He got into his car, and she went into their house and closed the door.  He decided not to blast the music this time as he put the car in reverse to drive away from his driveway.  He wanted silence to think about his next move.  He had been in deep thought all week long and for some reason, he couldn’t figure out what his heart was trying to tell him.  He didn’t want to discuss it with anyone else for fear of judgement let alone words getting back to her.


When he pulled up to his friend’s house, his friend was waiting outside and was on his cell phone.  He knew his friend was preparing his weekend ahead and rightfully so as he wanted a break too!


His friend placed his duffle bag in the back seat of his car and go into the passenger seat.  While his friend started to discuss his own home life issues, he decided it was time for something nice and mellow…he pulled out an edible that he purchased from another friend.  He savored the moment as he knew that in a few minutes he’d be on cloud nine but the cloud nine he longed for wasn’t about what he was consuming…it was about how the weekend would play out and with her…the one who got away.  He missed her and longed for her many a night and not just sexually but just to be in her presence so he could be himself.  He wished he had made different decisions and he wondered if she felt the same way.  He’d find out soon enough.  He sped off down the freeway as he and his friend road in silence while listening to nothing but car’s engine.


A few hours into the drive, he could feel the euphoric feeling he craved so much and then his thoughts began to think…think about her and when she would arrive at the location.  At first, he felt guilty and then he realized why should he feel guilty when he gave his companion everything she ever wanted and she continued to bitch, moan, and complain.  So, he let the feeling of the special high to ease his inner pain and all he wanted at that moment…a moment with her…the one who got away.  He had waited for this for so long and he wasn’t about to mess it up, at least not now.


He had no idea what would happen after they met after all those years but what he did know is that he wanted some peace and he wanted to be able to be himself without judgement and with her, he could do just that

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