“The Forecast for Lust”

Sansa sat in the coffee shop and while she drank her latte, she decided to check her email, and suddenly, she smiled. She had received the email that she was waiting for from Eve. Sansa met Eve a few months ago while she attended a black-tie event, except that Sansa was on work duty so she knew she had a short time to shoot her shot with Eve. Eve was beautiful that evening as she wore a short black dress with red stilettos and all Sansa could think about was what she’d love to do to Eve as she wore those sexy ass shoes. Sansa decided to approach Eve and they held a conversation about art as Eve was a painter and her exhibit would be on display soon. Sansa tried to focus on Eve’s words but deep down, she kept thinking about what she wanted to do to Eve and her focus was waning. Eve kept talking and eventually asked Sansa for her contact information, which Sansa gladly provided with a smile.

Since that evening, Sansa couldn’t think about anyone else but Eve and although Sansa had several ladies she entertained on a regular basis, Eve was the one that kept her attention or maybe it was her physique that was distracting Sansa…nice dirty thoughts on her mind. Hell, she was human so was it a crime to think about Eve in such a way?

Eve’s email was short and simple, and it read “let’s meet tonight at 8pm as I know a good lounge that plays good jazz, and we can have dinner with a few drinks while we get to know one another.” Sansa had to think long and hard about this invitation as she wasn’t known for going on dates as she kept dates non-existent for a reason…they caused too much friction and confusion since she was only “playing” the field as she wasn’t ready to settle down with anyone. Sansa’s last relationship ended badly, and she hadn’t fully recovered. Sansa decided to “play” since that breakup and she hadn’t regretted it yet.

Sansa replied “Sure, I’ll meet you there and wear something nice.” She thought about adding “xoxo” but that would send the wrong indication, so she played it safe and just typed her name and hit send.


Sansa showered and dressed. She figured she’d make it simple with a white polo shirt, slacks, and shoes…nothing special and she recently had her hair cornrowed so it was still fresh according to her standards. Sansa checked her phone for the time, it was almost 7:45pm so she ordered her uber and waited outside her brownstone. The uber ride showed up and Sansa got into the car. All the time in the ride, the driver tried to make idle chit chat, but Sansa wasn’t the one for small talk and in the midst of this uncomfortable talking from the driver, she texted Eve. Sansa waited as the three small dots indicated that Eve was replying to the text, but suddenly, nothing appeared. Sansa frowned but decided nothing of it as the uber driver pulled up in front of her destination.

Sansa exited the ride and headed inside to the B lounge and folks were mingling with drinks in their hands. The live band was set up and began playing some decent jazz. Sansa retrieved her cell phone from her pocket and looked at the last message she sent to Eve. Eve still hadn’t replied so Sansa figured maybe she would call Eve to find out if she were on the way. Sansa dialed the number, and the phone line rang and rang and eventually went to voicemail. She listened intently to Eve’s voice mail greeting.

“Damn, she sounds fine even though a voice mail greeting,” Sansa thought. When Sansa heard the beep to leave a message, she hesitated but left one anyway.

“Hey Eve, I’m here at B lounge and hopefully you’re on your way. Call me,” Sansa said as she left the message.


Eve looked down at the text message that Sansa sent to her and she wanted to respond, and she felt like she had to since she did invite her to the lounge, but Eve had an issue. Everett, her ex-boyfriend, showed up to her house unannounced and Eve didn’t know how to get rid of him. She and Everett had been on the fences for the last few months and mainly so because Eve wasn’t sure how to tell him that she wasn’t into him anymore and found someone new. Although part of it was a lie, because she hadn’t found anyone new and Sansa didn’t count since she was a woman…or at least that’s what Eve thought.

Everett made himself at home and poured both of them a glass of red wine. He was arrogant and cocky like that to think they had all the time in the world to discuss their issues and Eve was not confident enough to turn him away. She wasn’t in love with him, at least not anymore but she still liked him as he had a way with words.

Everett had such a way with words that led both of them to her bedroom and while she basked in the glory of ecstasy, Sansa waited for her at lounge. Sansa sent her another text and this time, Eve decided to reply as she couldn’t leave Sansa hanging.

“I’m not going to be able to make it…I came down with something that I can’t shake,” Eve replied via text. Eve waited for the 3 dots that would indicate that Sansa was typing back to her but when those 3 dots didn’t appear, she cringed. She knew deep down she had messed up and there probably was no turning back now.

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