He thought he had it all figured out, but he was wrong. She had a special kind of hold on him and he knew it. He tried to pretend he was stronger than his feelings but sometimes cupid wanted to intervene…at least that’s what he thought.

He watched her for a few months and never said a word as he resented rejection and couldn’t handle it well. As he continued to watch her from afar, he realized he had quite a bit of competition and he was ready for it. He changed his entire demeanor to fit her and she never looked his way…at least not when he wanted her to avert her pretty brown eyes in his direction.

Until one day…

As she entered the building, he couldn’t help but to stare at her and she was oblivious to his presence which was fine by him. He wasn’t ready to speak to her yet as his pride was in the way. And so, each and every moment, he kept an eye on her and she never turned his way, but he knew he’d have a chance…soon.

Until one day…

He decided to make his move as he couldn’t take it anymore watching her from afar. He was smitten with her look…she was different, and he could tell. She was the only one who wore that infamous “Hollywood” leather jacket. While she sat with her crew, he continued to watch her and that fateful day, he decided it was time to make a final move and so he did.

She wound up talking to him and he enjoyed her presence. She was young, different, and definitely new to him…he had never seen her before and he was thankful about that because he knew if she became his, there would be no one else…at least for that moment.

They decided to date for a while and with that came scrutiny from her friends in which she ignored as she found him…dark, confident, sexy, unique, and from the same side of town as she and even better, he wrote poetry. Their vibe was more than what he anticipated, and she was the same in that regard…time tested their love and existence and eventually their paths had to take separate ways…too many issues as their hearts decided to separate. There was a constant rotation between the two of them…

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