“Moving too Fast”

It was a cold fall season and while the season offered the notion that snow would arrive soon, Sam decided it was time to move on with her life and so she found her way…she met someone…he seemed nice and knowledgeable and for the first time, she decided to get onto a plane and visit him. She was extremely nervous, but she figured, “we only live once so what the hell.”

When she arrived at the airport and successfully went through security checkpoint, she found her gate. Just as she was about to sit down with her carry on nearby, her cell phone rang. It was her friend, Shay.

“Hey, did you make it to the airport yet?” Shay asked.

“Yes, just came through the security checkpoint and I’m now at my gate,” Sam replied.

“Okay. Well…just be careful and call me as soon as you land…okay Sam?” Shay said with a bit of nervousness in her voice.

Sam sensed her friend’s nervousness, and she understood her friend’s concern as she was embarking on a journey that she had never thought of ever doing in her young life…getting onto a plane for the first time in her life and to meet the guy that she liked, although she wasn’t truly sure if she loved him, at least not yet.

“Yes Shay, I will call you once I land and don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Sam said as she plopped down into a vacant seat near her flight’s gate.

Shay was quiet and Sam knew that Shay was very worried. Shay knew that Sam was capable of making her own decisions but the two of them were so close that their bond was similar to sisters, except that they had different parents.

Sam met Shay during their college years and since then, they were inseparable. Their personalities were the same and sometimes this did pose as an issue, but often times Shay acted like an older sister as if Sam couldn’t make decisions for herself. What Shay didn’t understand is that Sam had to grow up faster than she ever wanted by taking care of an ill parent, her mother before she passed away and being the big sis to her younger brother. Shay had no idea of all the things that Sam had endured at a young age.

Sam and Shay ended their phone call and Sam sat and stared out into the window nearby. She couldn’t believe she was about to embark on a journey that would change her life forever. Just then, he called.

“Hey, is everything okay and did you make it to the airport?” he asked

“Yes, I’m here and just waiting by my gate and I made sure to get here on time. I’m a little nervous as this is my first time flying out on a plane but I’m sure I’ll be fine,” Sam said.

“Yeah, I understand, and you’ll be fine,” he said.

FEW MONTHS AND FLIGHTS LATER…Sam relocated and after a few months of being his “queen,” things changed and eventually he told her to leave and she left and never turned back. Lesson learned.

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