He tried to check his voicemail but there was something wrong with his phone. He started to become frustrated, so he decided he’d set his phone aside before he wound up throwing it against his bedroom wall. All he wanted to do was listen her voice, but the damn phone just wouldn’t work. He’d have to settle on seeing her that evening at the Platinum Lounge as she went there every Friday to read her poetry. He had showered and made sure he looked decent as he wanted her to notice him.

As he left out of his building, he saw his neighbor, Kree as she was trying to lock her door, and from the looks of things, she was having a hard time.

“Hey there…do you need any help?” he asked.

She turned to face him and smiled. “Yes, I actually need help since this lock is giving me a hard time,” she replied as she stepped aside to allow him to walk up to her front door. She gave him her key and he worked his magic and was able to lock her door.

“You made that seem simple enough…thank you, I appreciate that,” she said as she retrieved her keys from him and headed towards her car.

He watched her from behind and he definitely liked what he saw. For a split second, he forgot all about her that he was eager to see at the Platinum Lounge and kept his gaze on his very attractive neighbor. He smiled although she didn’t see him smile which he was grateful for because the last thing he needed was to feel embarrassed.

She opened her car door and climbed into the car and just as she was about to start the car, she looked up and caught him staring at her. She smiled.

“So, you have plans tonight huh?” she asked

“Hmm…yeah…may meet up with a few of my friends. Do you have any plans for tonight?” he asked as he pulled his own keys from his pocket as he walked towards his car.

He could feel her gaze on him, and he liked it, that much he couldn’t deny. He didn’t want to smile to come off as “cheesy” as they say as rejection was a bitch, at least from his vantage point.

“Yeah, I’m on my way to meet with my friends now for drinks. You should join us,” she offered as she started the engine to her car.

He thought about it for a second as the invitation seemed good and right on time but damn, he really wanted to get to his other destination to see her perform her poetry…that illustrious spoken word plus he had to see her…at least one more time. He decided against missing his only shot with her and informed Kree that he’d have to take a raincheck. Kree smiled and pulled off and in that moment, he knew he had a shot with her…if only had the confidence to make a move.

As he started his car and pulled out of the parking space and headed to the poetry event to see her, he realized that Kree was giving him an invitation that the “other” probably would never give him. He made his choice…but would he regret it?

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