Just a small dose…

His words meant everything to her

As she always thought about him

His voice and the things that he said to her

He kept his tone even when he spoke to her

And he would include a few moments

In which phrases of “I love you,” made it all seem real

But she knew that he was trapped

As his back was sitting against a wall that would never budge

A wall that would never give him what he craved…what he needed…what he wanted

And so, she kept her illusions to herself as she watched his every move

While the words he continued to share with her became reality

A reality in which she wondered if she would ever be able to taste

There were dreams that covered her soul about him

And yet, she couldn’t maintain control

But she’d have to at some point

And then he made a bold move in her eyes

Called the other an endearing word, when she didn’t earn such a title

When she knew much more than anyone else would ever know

So, she realized in that moment how much of a fool she had been

To think he was any different

To think he could be more than a “friend”

Because in her mind, she had tried to keep control at bay

But when jealousy comes out…it comes out forceful and not willing to play


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