“I Do”

She remembered the day that they shared their sacred vows, and she began to wonder if they would ever be able to repair the damage that was done…the damage that he caused…he ripped her heart apart and her soul felt attacked. She wondered if the other woman felt the same and then she realized that the other woman would never understand the bond that she shared with her husband. Then again, the other woman already felt the same “bond” as he placed it within her…somehow another life came out of the picture.

She paced the kitchen floor and sipped on her red wine…that sweet merlot that could work its way through the course of her veins. She had cried too many evenings while he decided to leave and play the field. She started to question herself and every mirror in the house was covered as she couldn’t stand the sight of herself. She used to be so athletic and strong but throughout the years she shared with him, she let herself go.

She no longer turned heads like she once did, and she no longer turned his…her husband of a few years. Maybe it was her fault that he decided to step out and find pleasure with someone else and maybe it was her fault that they hadn’t touched one another in months. She questioned her sanity as with each sip of the merlot she could feel her anger rise.

She couldn’t understand why he did what he did, and she couldn’t understand why she didn’t find her own little piece of something muscular-strong willed and heavy to lift her spirits…why? Because she was faithful until one day she wasn’t because he didn’t love her anymore. He was too chicken shit to tell her the truth, so she played the field as well…except that she was caught…he caught her. She didn’t care either way because he started it first and she had to be the last to finish it.

He could no longer look her in the eyes and say “I love you” because their love died many years ago and maybe that was the issue…they tried to hold onto something that was never there. She used to take her vows seriously until the day he didn’t and from that moment on, she didn’t give a shit anymore.

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