She decided to relax before attending black light party and realized that she would prefer to stay in her room except that her roommate decided to have company. She packed her things and went to her other friend’s room which was two doors down. When she entered her friend’s room, she could sense that things were different in that her friend preferred to be with the guys that evening. She settled on a few drinks and decided to open her laptop and scroll although her thoughts were all over the place. She heard that he…yes, he, was on campus but she hadn’t bumped into him just yet, so she decided to troll his social media and began looking through his pictures. With each click of the mouse, she could feel herself become anxious and nervous as she could only hope that he’d show up for the black light party later that evening. She decided it was time to shut down her laptop and focus on getting ready for the party. Her friend was steadily on a facetime call with just one of her many beaus and so she thought it best to move in silence to get ready.

With each drink, she could feel herself lower her inhibitions and all the while she kept wondering if he would show up tonight because she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Before she arrived at the college, she used to think about her ex but now that there was someone else to occupy her mind, she couldn’t think straight. She wondered if what she was feeling was a crush or mere infatuation? Either way, she liked what she was feeling and wondered if he would feel the same.

Her phone rang and it was her best friend. She kept the conversation quick and simple and jumped into the shower. She could feel the vodka running through her veins and realized she hadn’t eaten much earlier that day so she would most definitely feel the euphoria that she was feeling now, and she began to fantasize about him…hoping and wishing he would be there tonight and if he wasn’t, she would be devastated.

“Why in the hell can’t I stop thinking about him…I hardly know him but then again, I do,” she wondered to herself.

She decided to wear all black as it was befitting…tight leggings, boots, and black sheer top with a lace black bra underneath. She checked herself in the mirror and realized a little makeup never hurt any woman, and then there was the matter of her hair…thank goodness it was short and curly so it would only take a few seconds to prepare.

A few hours after, she left her friend’s room and headed to the black light party…it was packed, and many students were mingling and having drinks. At one point, she thought she could smell the beautiful aroma of green and decided to inhale the air…nice and calm is what she needed to be if she actually saw him tonight. She went to the bar and ordered a drink, and it was quite strong. She took her time to savor the vodka with ease as she didn’t want to appear sloppy drunk in front of him. Just then, he entered the party with his friends and all she could do was stare. For a moment, it felt like he and his crew were walking in slow motion or maybe she was just imaging it as he looked good as hell…his smile and his eyes…yes, those eyes.

He made eye contact with her and she couldn’t look away. They had an unspoken language in that moment, and she realize she wanted him to approach her, but a few chicks ran up to him and blinded him with their shallow bullshit, at least that’s what she thought. She turned her gaze to a few others that were in the room, but her mind stayed on him and she couldn’t focus. He eventually walked up to her.

“Hey, I didn’t think you were the partying type…I guess I’d assumed you’d be in your room studying,” he said.

“Hmm…no, no need to study tonight. I’m just trying to party and have a good time. Good seeing you here as I wasn’t sure if you’d show up,” she said.

“Oh really,” he said as he scanned the room.

She wondered if he was checking out the other chicks in the party, but she couldn’t be bothered with that now that he was standing in front of her.

“You trying to dance or nah?” she asked

He smiled and winked at her and grabbed her hand. She could feel her pulse race as well as her heart. He led her to the dance floor, and she decided it was time to grind on him as maybe he would understand what he’d been missing all this time before they both arrived on campus. She could smell his cologne…soft, hard, and just right…she couldn’t keep herself in control, but she had no choice. He placed his hands on her waist and whispered into her ear “you’re amazing, you know that right.”

She blushed but he didn’t see that blazing smile etched upon her face. Thank goodness for the darkness. She loved the idea of him holding onto her waist and he began to hold her waist tighter and she let him. She kept smelling him…all of him…his scent was driving her crazy, but she maintained control.

The song ended and he turned her to face him.
“I’ve missed you…where have you been?” he asked

“I’ve been around and just arrived on campus a few hours ago. I didn’t think you’d show up tonight, but I was wrong. It’s so good seeing you tonight,” she said as she began to smile.

He hugged her and whispered into her ear again and this time he said the words she’d been dying to hear “I want you, but you’re taken…so what can I do about that.”

She paused and realized that he was right, and she pulled back and smiled at him. This time she winked and walked away from him. He stared long and hard at her…he knew this wasn’t the last time he’d be with her again.

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