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She just purchased her first home and decided to plan a housewarming party and it was held the next weekend after she moved into her home. Friends, associates, and a few family members attended, and she was proud to show off her home. “Everyone please make yourselves at home and I thank you all in...


“2 am”

“So, are you going to tell me about the surprise you have for me? You know I hate surprises,” she said. He was quiet for a few seconds and decided to choose his words wisely before answering her. He’d been feeling some type of way about her for a very long time and although they...


“Brother’s Keeper”

She hadn’t spoken to her brother in months since he married that lady…that woman…or whatever you wanted to call her, but she knew her brother was suffering by not speaking with her as well. There were too many times that she almost dialed his number but then she remembered her brother’s wife, S would be...


“I Do”

She remembered the day that they shared their sacred vows, and she began to wonder if they would ever be able to repair the damage that was done…the damage that he caused…he ripped her heart apart and her soul felt attacked. She wondered if the other woman felt the same and then she realized that...