“Brother’s Keeper”

She hadn’t spoken to her brother in months since he married that lady…that woman…or whatever you wanted to call her, but she knew her brother was suffering by not speaking with her as well. There were too many times that she almost dialed his number but then she remembered her brother’s wife, S would be a nuisance and would be nothing but an exaggerated problem, so she decided to fall back. Their parents mentioned that they recognized that things had changed between her and her brother, and often times she said nothing. She loved her brother unconditionally, or at least she thought she did.

One Saturday evening, she decided she would call him to see how he’d been doing and while she waited for him to answer the call, he never did. The call eventually went to voice mail and she had to think quickly if she wanted to leave a message, and so she did.

“Hey Dee, it’s me, your sis…call me when you get this message,” she said and then the infamous “beep” rang loud and clear to symbolize no additional words could or would be spoken in the voicemail.

She hung up her cell phone and decided that maybe if she wrote her brother a letter that would be best but then she realized she didn’t have his mailing address. Funny how that turned out since his wife made sure no one had their mailing address let alone knew where they lived. As she thought long and hard about what to do next, she decided it was time to tell her daughter that Uncle Dee was out of “pocket” so to speak as his niece had been asking about him all the time, and she didn’t have the strength to tell her the truth. Sometimes the truth hurt, and she knew it would hurt her only child.

The next day she woke up to a vague voicemail message from Dee.

“Hey sis, it’s me…I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA for the last few months, but I want you to know it’s nothing you did. S has been trippin’ so I decided to leave her weeks ago. I hope that you will call me back soon as I miss you and baby girl. I called mom and pops and they told me you tried to reach out to me which made me smile. I’ll always love you sis…you’re the only sis I have,” he said, and that infamous beep chimed in and symbolized that he could not and would not be able to leave more words for her voicemail.


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