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Meet the Poetic Mistress, a native of Washington D.C. and Prince George (PG) County, Maryland. Creativity and the craft of writing poetry has been passed down from my late Mother, Tondalayo P. Dodd and late Grandfather, Carl Dodd, Sr. Beginning my own journey of creating my own paper-books started in Middle School and eventually transcended into writing poetry during my teenage years.

Johnson continued to write poetry during her past times and eventually decided to take a break from writing after graduate school.  Johnson decided it was time to rekindle the flame of creativity and began writing again after she set aside a few goals once she turned 40.

Johnson self-published her first book, “Naked & True, Volume 1,” in May 2020 and it is available on Amazon.com in eBook and paper back format.

Johnson is a native of Washington, D.C. and Prince George’s County, Maryland.  She is a graduate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and earned a bachelor’s degree in English and after graduation, she relocated to the south and became a graduate from the University of Alabama where she earned a master’s degree in social work with a concentration on adults and families.

Johnson currently resides in the south with her husband and daughter.  She is hard at work on several writing projects.

Poetry is a political act because it involves telling the truth

June Jordan